Surveillance in the Police

Keep Watching Keep Control

Siya Security has a specialized devices, tools and services for monitoring the ever increasing crime level in the cities and rural areas. They are the leading provider of surveillance devices and service in the entire northern region and is rapidly extending their boundaries beyond north India. It has been recognised as one of the best provider of police surveillance devices and tool recently. In previous years, police relied on witness' descriptions of criminals to begin the process of apprehending suspects. Many times, however, there were no witnesses at the scene and when there were, the description was often too vague to accurately identify a suspect. Law enforcement depended a lot on forensics to come up with clues pointing to a particular suspect. Surveillance systems have become an integral tool in the identification and arrest of criminals. Newer surveillance systems run on digital technology and record images with easy search back features. Police officers and other law enforcement use these features to record an incident on to a disc and use it as hard evidence.

They Cannot Hide now

Undoubtedly, the most helpful clue that police can obtain from surveillance is a clear picture of the suspect's face. However, there are a several variables which may affect the ability to get such a shot. Sometimes the cameras are not close enough, or the system is running on older technology such as VHS. Consequently, police may need to rely on more ambiguous clues such as estimated body measurements, gait, clothing, tattoos, etc. But still these surveillance videos and pictures are of great use and are contributing in lowering of criminal activities all over the globe. Security cameras are useful in petty crimes or misdemeanours in which another party or property is not necessarily hurt or damaged. Images provide business owners and homeowners the necessary evidence to protect against lawsuits.

Other useful aspects

Surveillance cameras also give imperative clues in cases such as missing persons, and/or unsolved deaths. Seeing video of where a person was last seen can be helpful in gathering clues to their disappearance. Many counties are now proactively working with their communities to educate the public on the benefits of using surveillance systems. The Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland developed an education program to assist business owners in choosing surveillance options that will better the quality of video and pictures in an effort to help solve crimes. One tip they include is updating the camera system from analog to digital audio/video recording. They also suggest placing cameras on the outside of buildings in order to capture license plates (depending on the type camera) and images of masked criminals upon entrance.

Commercial and residential properties use surveillance cameras for their own security purposes, and this trend is proving more than helpful to law enforcement in catching criminals. For neighbourhoods that have a record of high-crime, police often propose a surveillance plan to serve as a crime deterrent and as an effective method to collect evidence. Almost all the major developed and developing countries are using police surveillance system to monitor the activities happening on the road. This has helped the local citizens to move freely from one place to another without having to worry what may happen next and whether it is going to be sorted out or not. Thus, the surveillance technology has lowered the risk of criminal activities taking place in public places and events.