Surveillance in the Hospitality

Surveillance in the Hospitality

With years of experience serving hotels, convention centers, museums, stadiums, and entertainment facilities, we possess the know-how and skill set to deliver dependable security camera systems to customers within the hospitality industry. We are well informed of the day-to-day security threats faced by gaming and hospitality businesses, and have the experience to design solutions to conquer threats like theft, vandalism, crime, and more while also ensuring public safety.

Corporate events, receptions and tourism are the lifeblood of your business.

Whether it’s a good night’s sleep or a wedding reception, clients depend on your staff to provide the highest quality service and security.

CCTV can show you the way a properly designed loss interference program will increase worker productivity, improve client satisfaction levels, cut back internal thieving, eliminated seller fraud and proactively increase your bottom line profits by reducing internal losses.

At Siya Security, we offer a generous suite of services to our customers. We offer an in depth website security audit, camera location analysis, configuration and installation support, and virtual integration to deliver the most effective results. Figure us to satisfy your business’s distinctive security needs.

Siya Security offers the following benefits:

  • Better crowd control at high-traffic events
  • Patron and staff safety
  • Provides effective tool for monitoring daily operations
  • Increases customer service
  • Enables remote monitoring from Smartphone or tablet
  • Prevents theft and vandalism
  • Deters dishonest employees from engaging in criminal activity
  • Reduces business liability

With a Full HD 1080P Security Camera System, you can assure your guests that you have taken the proper steps to ensure their safety and satisfaction. In addition, you can protect yourself against room theft (cameras in the hallways) and employee theft (cameras in the kitchen, supply room, etc.) with the proper placement of cameras.

We offer you both, Unlimited Video Storage and Lifetime Storage of your vital video data.

You never know when you have to go back from 6 months to a few years to resolve an issue.