Surveillance in the Hospitality

What We Offer

We here at Siya Security aims at providing technology solution to each and every one. Even the most common man can dream of being a part of Siya Security as we offer the most affordable and valuable security products like home security camera, wireless security camera system India, wifi surveillance camera, HD security camera system, CCTV camera for home at reasonable pricing. We are ISO certified company and all of our products have passed the safety and durability test. We offer a wide range of security devices and services ranging from normal doorbell alarm to high end traffic management surveillance tools. We are looking to strengthen our global team and widespread our business to an international level. We have talent and we expect prospects. We want to impress our clients with the all new safety and security products, Siya Security one of the best wireless home security systems India, so that they are safe whenever and wherever they are. You might be at no risk of criminal attack or any accidental tragedy, but we want you to be cautious and avoid any such future accidents. It is well said already, that precaution is better than cure. Surveillance videos help you to identify the crime taking place or already happened. The administration / police can use these videos to identify the crime and the criminal and accordingly take actions. So now let’s talk about what all are the product and services we offer.

Surveillance Cameras

Ranging from few mega-pixels to ultra-high definition surveillance cameras, we offer them all. We keep in mind the requirement of each individual whether it be some middle class family living in a crowded market place who require camera for surveillance of only 2 to 8 mega-pixels or some high profile industrialist who require high definition video cameras for keeping an eye on his surroundings. All of these camera are great performing cameras and fulfil the basic need of people and ensure their safety. Even the cities are now being viewed from police headquarters with the help of these HD surveillance video camera which are installed at each and every road of the city. This has helped a lot in reducing the crime level. Below id the list of cameras and tools we provide for surveillance:

DVR Recorder, Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, IP Bullet Camera, IP Camera, IP PTZ Camera, PTZ Camera, Dome IR Camera, IP Dome Camera, IP IR Bullet Camera, Cube Camera, wireless cloud camera, etc.

Biometric Machines
We also provide biometric attendance machine, fingerprint scanner for logging into confidential systems, retina scanner for keeping individuals record and signing in into the systems, voice operated locks and lighting systems, and much more. These biometric devices helps providing security at an individual level. No one else but the real owner of the system or property can access it and anyone else trying to do so will lock the system temporarily to prevent its jailbreaking. This locking and anti-locking mechanism can only be attained using the biometrics.
Body worn Cameras
We also provide camera which can be worn on your body to record what all is happening in front of you. Many use it for spying and it has a great application in intelligence bureau and investigation department.

City and Traffic Surveillance and monitoring tools

We provide a wide range of surveillance cameras which are especially designed for the purpose of recording the city rush 24x7. These cameras are dust and weather proof and can even handle the toughest storm of the season. We have smart traffic management system which overs smooth and systematic clearance of traffic on the roads. It is designed to clear the busiest lane of the road first by giving it the priority. This work is very smartly done by the sensors inbuilt into the devices like camera and traffic lights. These systems are being used in the cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other places. It has made the traffic system so smart and smooth that hardly any traffic jams occur in these places

We work on our performance and you reward us accordingly. We always try to keep ourselves up-to-date so that we can offer you the latest and best technology.